MS Bike has raised much needed funds across the country to help battle MS. In Alberta, one of the top fundraisers is also one of the people the rides are designed to help.

Patrycia Rzechowka was diagnosed with MS in 2012. That same year she first participated in MS Bike.  She has returned every year since as part of her efforts towards raising awareness of MS and its invisible symptoms – such as depression, vision, mobility issues and fatigue.

“Since my first ride in 2012, my involvement in MS Bike has become deeper every year. I’ve grown from a timid rookie, riding all by myself, to the point where I couldn’t imagine not being involved in the tour.”

Patrycia at the MS Bike – Leduc to Camrose finish line
Patrycia at the MS Bike – Leduc to Camrose finish line

In 2012, Patrycia rode her first tour alone. Today, she rides as one of the MS Bike Ambassadors.

“I would never have considered myself a cyclist when I first started riding in the MS Bike tour, but I believe everyone is up for the challenge. Whether it is your first-time riding in the bike tour or your 30th there is no better feeling than hearing your name called as you cross the finish line after two days and 180 km of riding. The sense of accomplishment both physical and mental is unmatched.”

Patrycia doesn’t just ride and support others on the road. She has raised over $75,000 since her first MS Bike. Her impressive fundraising efforts have earned her a spot on the Tour of Champions several times over the last eight years.

“When you register you make a commitment to raise money and awareness for people with MS so that we don’t have to fight this battle alone. True kindness comes from doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you. The MS Bike tour is a display of true kindness. By participating in MS Bike, you become part of something so much bigger than you could ever imagine.”

Patrycia and other cyclists at the MS Bike – Leduc to Camrose start line
Patrycia and other cyclists at the MS Bike – Leduc to Camrose start line

The goal of MS Bike is to raise funds to help end MS, but Patrycia says the rides have a more immediate and personal impact for her.

“MS Bike has made it so much easier for me to be positive when I know I am surrounded by people who give so much and expect nothing in return. When I can breathe one breath easier because of the MS Bike community’s participation that is immeasurable success. For those who have or want to participate know this, you have not only impacted my life, but the lives of people across Canada who are struggling with MS every day.”

Since joining her first MS Bike as a novice rider, cycling has become part of Patrycia’s wellness strategy as she tries to deal with MS.

If you’re in Alberta, there are three cycling opportunities to join Patrycia and thousands of others who
are changing the future of MS for Canadians.

MS Bike Ride Airdrie to Olds
MS Bike – Airdrie to Olds

MS Bike – Alberta tour

MS Bike – Airdrie to Olds and MS Bike – Leduc to Camrose : June 22 – 23, 2019

Experience two days of riding in scenic rural Alberta for participants of all abilities. Both tours are well suited to beginner riders with a route that is fully supported for every kilometer of your journey.

Full distances are 90 km each day, but routes can be customized to suit every riders comfort level. A 25 km challenge loop allows more advanced riders to push themselves to new accomplishments.

When you cross the finish line, there’s beer gardens, an exciting Rider’s Village area, games, live entertainment and celebration dinner to celebrate your accomplishments with friends new and old.

MS Bike Ride Hinton 2017
MS Mountain Bike – Hinton
MS Mountain Bike – Hinton : September 7 – 8, 2019

MS Mountain Bike Hinton is a truly unique opportunity, carrying riders across trails that are open just once a year, exclusively for MS Mountain Bike participants.

Enjoy panoramic views of Alberta’s Rocky Mountains as you ride along 90 km of double and single track trails, all fully supported with rest stops. Experienced riders can choose to push themselves with optional challenge loops along the route.

MS Mountain Bike – Hinton brings together over 300 cyclists of all abilities on Rocky Mountain trails. Weekend celebrations include an impactful dinner program, beer gardens, entertainment – and a profound sense of accomplishment.

MS Bike Ride Hinton 2017
MS Mountain Bike – Hinton
MS Bike

MS Bike is a fundraising cycling series bringing together cyclists of all fitness and ability levels to help end MS. Twenty family-friendly MS Bike events take place across Canada and are open to riders as young as 10 years old.

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