Looking to buy a bike, but want the brand-agnostic advice of yesteryear with a more modern flare? A Canadian online bike shop has your back. Nomad Frontiers is a Guelph, Ont.-based company that brings the local bike shop experience to cyclists across Canada.

Nomad Frontiers was started in mid-2020 during the height of the pandemic. The venture was originally conceived to facilitate epic cycling trips. “It became apparent that the pandemic wasn’t going to go away anytime soon,” say the owners. So, the team pivoted. “As cyclists, we sensed a gap in the market for cycling e-commerce in Canada and the trend toward industry consolidation that might not always serve objective customer advice,” they say. Online sales had always been part of the plan for Nomad, but the founders leaned into it more heavily as the pandemic dragged on.

Nomad endeavours to bridge the gap between big e-commerce platforms and local bike shops, combining the personalized service you expect at the retail location down the street with the convenience of shopping online. “For some people, online transactions can feel faceless—just another company hiding behind the web,” say the founders. “That’s not who we are.”

Nomad Frontiers

Above all, the team behind Nomad are cyclists themselves who are trying to make buying a bike in Canada easier and more convenient, while bringing cool brands, such as Wilier, Token, and Scicon to more riders across this country. Most of us have had the experience of trying to buy a bike or an accessory from an innovative new brand only to find out it doesn’t ship to Canada. Nomad is trying to change that.

So, how do you go about buying a bike from Nomad?

Unlike other online bike retailers, Nomad doesn’t expect you to add something to your cart and punch in your payment information. You can, if you like, but the Nomad team prefers to have a conversation and make sure that a big-ticket item, like a bike, will be everything you expect it to be. Because Nomad strives to ensure that you get the bike that’s right for you, no two bike buying experiences are the same.

Whether you’re an avid cyclist who knows exactly what bike you want, or you’re new to the world of bikes and need some help figuring out which one is right for you, Nomad will join you throughout the process. It’s not unlike strolling into your local bike shop and talking to an employee, except you don’t have to go anywhere.

Once you have the bike picked out, the next step is to get a fit. Nomad has partnered with Ottawa-based MyVeloFit to make sure you get the right-size bike. When you buy a bike with Nomad, you get a free, independent sizing assessment by MyVeloFit whose process is all online. You input the standard measurements (height and inseam, for example) and provide a short video, and MyVeloFit will determine your frame size, as well as an estimate of your required stem length and saddle height. Then, you can make any customizations you want to your new bike. Nomad sells bikes “out of the box,” but they can help you build your dream ride from the ground up, too.

Nomad Frontiers

Once you’ve paid your deposit, Nomad builds and tunes your bike, which typically takes less than a week.

At last, the best part! Your new ride arrives at your doorstep with minimal assembly required. Nomad ships all over the country, but they aim to deliver the bikes themselves wherever possible.

“For some people, online transactions can feel faceless—just another company hiding behind the web. That’s not who we are.”

“We try to arrange to hand-deliver the bike because we just love customers’ reactions when their new bike rolls up to their front door,” the Nomad team says. They have delivered bikes as far as three hours away from their location in Guelph. This summer, Nomad is unveiling its first customer centre in its Guelph warehouse to offer cyclists the opportunity to explore their products in person.

If you happen to be more than three or so hours away, or on the opposite side of the country, Nomad takes no less care with your bike. It will arrive on your doorstep in a box, having been fully assembled and then disassembled for shipping. Reassembling it yourself is simple: there’s no need to know how to adjust a rear derailleur, just how to install the wheels, handlebars and seatpost. Before you head out on the road, you can check in with MyVeloFit once again. After you purchase the bike, you receive a complementary fit to dial in the bike to your exact measurements. You will have to set your new whip on an indoor trainer for the full MyVeloFit experience. Then, you’re ready to get out and ride!

Head to nomadfrontiers.ca to find out more.

This story is presented by Nomad Frontiers.

Nomad Frontiers