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Police pulled over a cyclist for ‘not riding courteously’

The rider was accused of forcing cars to go to the other side of road

Photo by: Getty Images

A rider in London, U.K, said that the police pulled her over and was allegedly told she was not “riding courteously.”

On Wednesday, Aileen Rice-Jones, tweeted that she was going on a 5 km bike ride when she was stopped by the authorities.

Rice-Jones explained that the police told her that she wasn’t cycling “ courteously,’ and was making drivers “go to the other side of the road to overtake me, which they should legally do anyway.”

She then told the officers that she was riding in the middle of the road, which is encouraged by the new Highway Code. She was then told that she was “putting her own safety before cars.”

Later that day, she also tweeted (with much sarcasm) how it was “great to see how cycling friendly the police are and how prepared they are to take action against people performing close passes.”

Rice-Jones also said she regrettably didn’t manage to lodge a formal complaint about the incident as she forgot to get the policeman’s badge number.

You can read the entire exchange below.