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This parking officer is the absolute GOAT when ticketing cars in bike lanes

Erin Urquhart likely has the quickest draw in Toronto

Erin Urquhart giving a ticket Photo by: TPS_BikeHart

Toronto parking enforcement and bicycle patrol officer Erin Urquhart has the fastest ticket gun in the west. Day in and day out, she travels the streets of Toronto by bike, looking for cars that are illegally parked in bike lanes. By occupying dedicated cycle lanes, cars put cyclists riding in the big city at risk.

In this video, she tickets a delivery truck that is parked in a bike lane. Although unloading in a large city such as Toronto can be tricky, what makes this particular offence that more egregious is there was a dedicated zone for just that, metres away.

Quick-draw Urquhart jumps off her trusty steed and issues the driver a ticket in less than a minute. Not only does she post the video of the offending parking, but explains to drivers the rules of the road when it comes to where you can unload. It’s not just a fun TikTok video, it’s a PSA to motorists everywhere.

Chapeau, Erin Urquhart.