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Michael Barry’s one way-off prediction for the 2020 road season

The former pro roadie looks back at how he thought the action would play out this fall. He got some stuff right. Other stuff: not so much

Michael Barry Photo by: Toni Vilches Fotografia

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In June, Michael Barry discussed the UCI’s plan for a compressed 2020 road season. Recently, Canadian Cycling Magazine editor Matthew Pioro wanted to look back at some of Barry’s predictions from late spring. There is something unfair about looking back at predictions. In the best of times, guesses about the future are usually wrong. During this pandemic, it’s extremely hard to find any certainty. But, Pioro thought the review would be useful. You don’t know the significance of moves in a race until the race is over. So we wouldn’t fully understand the season until the end. We’re close to the end now, so let’s see what we’ve learned.

Michael Barry did get a pretty significant prediction totally wrong. And you’re probably glad he did.

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