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Kerry Werner hops super-sized Swiss stair sets

American brings some excitement to Dübendorf cyclocross worlds course

Kerry Werner Dubendorf Switzerland cyclocross world championships

Dübendorf may not be the most exciting looking course to host cyclocross world championships, but U.S. racer Kerry Werner is doing is best to liven the venue up.

During practice Friday, the Kona rider hopped his way up one the many super-sized fly-overs, which provide most of the elevation changes at the Swiss airfield.

With little terrain to provide natural ups and downs, the race organizers have installed a number of fly-overs around the course in Dübendorf. Some are smooth and rideable, some have stairs on the up-side, and most are quite large.

Werner decided to show that stairs don’t mean un-rideable, bunny hopping his way all the way up a very long set of long, shallow steps.

While it is an impressive display of bike handling skills from Werner, it might not be the fastest way to the top. In the video, you can see two Team Canada riders dismounting and trotting up the stairs toward Werner. The American joking shouts “I beat the Canadians!” who then join in with a tail-whip onto the downside of the fly-over. On race-day, though, expect to see Werner, Wout and all the other favorites taking the stairs one step at a time, on foot.