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From the pit: U.S. national cyclocross champion Katie Compton’s Trek Boone

13-time champion

The 13-time US National Cyclocross Champion gets a custom painted Trek Boone with plenty of unique touches.

As the reigning 13-time U.S. cyclocross champion, Katie Compton has an unrivaled record on ‘cross races on American soil, it’s safe to say no one has won more cross races in the U.S. than Compton. For this reason and more, Compton is one of the big protagonists in any UCI cyclocross World Cup, especially one held in Waterloo, Wisconsin. Compton and her mechanic (whose also her husband, Mark Legg-Compton) also has a reputation for paying attention to the details of her equipment, as a result Compton’s custom Trek Boone, shows lots of special touches that goes deeper than the custom paint job.

Compton’s drivetrain is an all Shimano affair, but it is a mishmash of different series, rather then the usual homogeneous group sets we are use to seeing on pro bikes. She’s got the latest wide range Dura Ace RD9170 Di2 rear derailleur, but the hydro shifters and brake calipers are Shimano’s non-series R785 set up. Whether that is due to availability or preference is unclear, the taller knobs on the R785 shifters are a nice fit for cross. She is also running a previous generation Dura Ace R9000 cranks, paired to a set of Wick Werks chain rings in an unusual 42/34 combo. No 1x here and the slightly lower gearing does not appear to slow her down.

As one of Trek’s premier athlete, Compton gets a the full Project One custom paint treatment, with a stars and stripes paint scheme worthy of the 13-time U.S. national champion. The paint also incorporates a nice personal touch, featuring Compton’s moniker KFC, for Katie F’n Compton. Something that had originally started out as something of a joke, has now evolved into somewhat of trademark, and has stuck as her social media handle, as well as onto her bike.

The rest of the bike is finished off with smattering of pretty standard Bontrager components, while rolling stock is handled by Knight wheels, which for Waterloo, is shod with Clement MXP tires. Look for this bike under Compton at the front of just about any start line.