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Why dismount and run up stairs when you can bunny hop the entire way

Look at them go

Photo by: Hugo Brisebois/Instagram

Felipe Orts Lloret is a Spanish road and cyclocross rider, who currently races for UCI ProTeam Burgos BH in on the road. He was down in Fayetteville, Ark. for the 2022 UCI world ‘cross champs. Matt Leliveld is a u-23 rider racing for Canada, who was also down for the big show.

The course featured a few run-ups, and during a recon on Thursday, the Spaniard showed a unique way of doing a getting up a long stairs section. He bunny hopped the entire way up. Which as you can see, is quite a ways.

It certainly looks like a fun way to go up the stairs, but might prove challenging in the heat of the race in heavy traffic.

On Friday, during a course recon, Leviveld decided to join in on the bunny hopping fun as well. Check it out as he jumps the whole way up. The Canadian wouldn’t do this in the race, of course. Leviveld finished a respectable 35th on Saturday, opting out on the hops.