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Easton EA90 AX dropper post gets light for gravel racing

Custom drop-bar specific lever and short travel post take gravel to the next level

Easton EA90 AX dropper post Photo by: Easton

Easton is taking gravel dropper posts to the next level with the race-pedigree EA90 AX post. Since gravel racing usually means drop bars, not flat bars, Easton’s added a new drop bar-specific lever so the dropper post smoothly integrates neatly with the rest of your controls.

Easton EA90 AX dropper post

Instead of starting from scratch or trying to reinvent the wheel, Easton borrows from its parent company, Fox, and its well-established Transfer SL dropper post. That means the EA90 AX post lands backed by years of real-world testing on mountain bikes, reliable and ready for gravel racing.

Easton offers the EA90 AX in two travel lengths: 50mm or 70mm (350mm or 370mm extended length). It comes in three seat post diameters, 27.2mm or the Fox Transfer SL branded 30.9 or 32.6mm standards. The 27.2 Easton model has a climed weight of 337 grams, and a 0mm offset head.

The EA90 AX carries a few features that make it perfect for gravel bikes, too. It uses tough DOSS-style mechanical internals. The Cable attaches at either the bar or post, so the EA90 AX is compatible with Easton’s lever and all other dropper post levers. To suit its short travel and gravel purpose, and keep weight to a minimum, the EA90 AX has a two-position function. It’s all the way up, or all the way down.

EA90 AX Dropper Post: $459.99
  • DOSS-style mechanical internals with spring guides for quiet operation
  • Two positions: full up or full down
  • Compatible with all dropper levers with cable attachment from either direction
  • 27.2mm diameter (30.9mm or 32.6mm available from Fox)
  • Available in 50mm and & 70mm drop
  • 0mm offset head with an two-bolt head design
  • Titanium bolts
  • 337g – 50 mm, 339g – 70mm
  • Minimum insertion: 80mm

Easton EA90 AX Lever

Since the EA90 AX dropper post is designed to be used on gravel race bikes, it has to be cleanly integrated into all handlebar options. The post works with all traditional flat-bar remote levers, but Easton wanted more. The brand created its own drop-bar-specific EA90 AX drop-bar dropper lever.

Instead of mounting under the flats part of the bar, the EA90 AX attaches where you want it: under the hoods. The lever cleanly integrates with mechanical and electronic shifters, giving you control over the post from the hoods or in the drops. A smart dual-action design means you can push or pull either side of the lever to drop or raise your seat, so you don’t have to think during the heat of a gravel race or eight hours into your gravel epic.

A simple band-clamp makes the dropper post lever easy to install. It is compatible with carbon fibre bars, like Easton’s EC90 AX gravel bar, or alloy.

EA90 AX Lever: $69.00