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Tomomi Nishikubo takes on pentathlon challenge on a trials bike

Mixing track and trials to get in the spirit

Photo by: Kentaro Matsuda / Red Bull Content Pool

With the Games in full swing, everyone’s getting into the Olympic spirit. Even if there isn’t an event for their specific sport. Japan’s trials phenom Tomomi Nishikubo wanted in on the action and, instead of cross country or track, he’s trying track and field.

The Canyon rider’s creative twist on the classic Olympic event is, as you’d expect, wildly entertaining. Up against a field of competitors on foot, the Japanese trials rider finds fun ways to keep it competitive.

Tomomi Nishikubo leaps into the 110m hurdles for a bike pentathlon in Hokkaido, Japan. Photo: Kentaro Matsuda / Red Bull Content Pool

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Could you do a 110m hurdles sprint on your bike?

Bike Pentathlon  – Tomomi Nishikubo

From Red Bull

Japanese trial bike Ninja rider, Tomomi Nishikubo takes up on a challenge to compete for 110m hurdles, long jump, 3000m steeplechase, high jump and 100m sprint on two wheels!