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Assos review: Spring and fall bibs, jacket and base layer

Great fit and super comfortable

Photo by: Matt Stetson

Although the new spring and fall bibs are meant to be used outside, you know, during the spring, I ended up riding the trainer with them as well. I did of course ride them outside in the fall, but when trainer season started I used them because they are just so unbelievably comfortable. Plus, my saddle on my trainer bike was withering away, and the seat clamp hadn’t been changed since the fall of Communism. I tried swapping saddles but ended up rounding out the seized bolt. So I was stuck with this decaying saddle with very little material left. Thankfully, the chamois on the Assos Mille GTS bibs is like many other shorts from the brand–thicker than most, and comfortable as hell.

Mille GTS bibs

It’s not just the thicker pad that makes them so cozy. The stitching is such that the pad is anchored at the right spots of the shorts, but not all, so it allows the chamois to fit your undersides in a way no other short can. If you look at the chamois, you’ll see the stitching stops midway. At first glance it almost looks defective, or that the stitching has worn away. Nope. That’s on purpose. It means there’s a bit of give on the Mille GTS C2 insert, which means it enhances the way the short fits and feels. Plus, the fall and spring bibs are a bit thicker than a summer short so it means you’ll be nice and warm on those chilly days. Breathable and lightweight, the extra insulation is great on damp or rainy days.

Mille GTS jacket

It’s a jacket that fits and feels like a jersey. The Assos fit is usually slimmer than other brands,, so be warned, you may want to go up a size. But the sleek fit is great compared to some clunkier fall jackets out there.

The chest and back are a nice neon yellow, perfect for increasing your visibility in the grey months, and the RX EVO fabric used for the sleeves in black is very comfortable, almost like a second skin. The neon yellow long-sleeve jersey…er jacket has been around for several iterations, but the latest version uses new fabrics to maximize insulation while staying breathable.

I took it out on a few gravel rides as well as road and I couldn’t believe I didn’t need more layers on some brisk days. But it makes sense. The new proprietary Airblock.888 membrane on the chest and upper back meant I didn’t need to put on a vest as well to block the wind. I really liked being able to stick with just the jacket.

Spring/fall skin layer

The base layer completes the triumvirate of the Assos jacket and bib combo. Lightweight and breathable, the undershirt will wick away sweat and keep you comfy. And between you and me, it also makes a great, lightweight shirt to wear on those sticky days on the trainer.

Mille GTS jacket, $203
Mille GTS bibs, $231
Spring Fall SS Skin Layer $105.00

Check out the new kit on Assos.ca