We all know the quest for the Holy Grail is long and fraught with danger, but should your search take you off the paved path, German bike manufacturer Canyon have a Grail of their own to help you along your way. Maybe that’s what they meant when they said they’ve already got one? In a reversal of the infamous Monty Python scene where the French have the Grail, but, since its unveiling earlier this week, it’s the internet that’s been doing the taunting.

Is the company just trolling with their new double-decker handlebar? Have they created the most memeable bike ever? Is there really no such thing as bad publicity?

There are many, many questions that followed from Canyons release of their ‘unique’ looking gravel bike. The internet quickly responded. Maybe not in the way Canyon was hoping, but who knows.

It’s just handlebars, you’re saying. Well, sort of. If Canyon’s designed the geometry of the Grail to work with its proprietary integrated stem, and it’s boosted bars then, in over-committing to the novelty/progress, they might have backed themselves into a bit of a corner. That question will be answered in time. For now, let’s just look at the memes.

Functional, for sure:

But also decorative

Who else misses Pimp My Ride?


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Victory Chimps – biplane angle

"The fella's dustin' crops where there ain't no crops".

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Double’s down with the Red Baron

DIY options abound:

While the internet, widely recognized as a bastion of reason and positivity that would never stoop to making fun of a product for purely aesthetic reasons, was quick to judge, reviewers who have actually spent time on the Grail have been more positive. There’s also been a steady stream of positive interest, even on these posts taking jabs at the double-bar, so who knows. Maybe Canyon have had the grail all along.

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