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New Easton Gravel Shifting Rings for better gearing on adventure rides

Super-compact 47/32, 46/36 and 46/30 chainrings for gravel, cyclocross and adventure bikes from the American company

Easton Shifting Rings

 Easton Gravel Shifting Rings

Easton has some new chainrings that will get adventure, gravel and cyclocross riders excited for some new ratio pairings that will help them conquer their favoured trails, surfaces and adventures.

Chainring configurations are adapting as the way cyclists are using their drop bar bikes. While 1x systems have become more popular and cassettes are widening to cover a larger range, chainrings options are also expanding to give a greater selection of configurations. Easton have now introduced super-compact gearing to their line-up with the new Easton Gravel Shifting Rings. The benefits of easier gearing for your style of adventure riding will become evident once tackling climbs on tricky surfaces, technical obstacles ridden at low-speed or surfaces where traction can be extremely precarious.

The Gravel Shifting Rings come win three ring configurations. A 47/32 for gravel adventures, a cyclocross 46/36 ratio and 46/30 for a very wide range adventure combo. The option to run some super easy gears on your adventure, gravel or ‘cross bike is now possible. These combos are the expansion of Easton’s line-up of road double chainrings that have been optimized for smooth shifting.

The weight of the new chainrings are 194 g for the 47/32, 192 g for the 46/36 and 182 g for the 46/30 chainrings.

The chainrings are all anodized matte black aluminum. They will retail for $160.