With their simple design and minimal components, track bikes are one of the purest ways to show off the craftsmanship that is supposed to be the focus of the North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS).

There’s little to distract from the frame that builders put so much effort and skill into creating, letting the frame take center stage. That, and some wild paint jobs, given the fixie community’s tendency to lean towards the fringes of the sport.

Weis Manufacturing – Brooklyn, N.Y.

Gaulzetti – Chelsea, Massachusetts

BTCHN’ Bikes – Chico, California

Favaloro – Polpenazze del Garda, Italy

NAHBS 2019

Michele Favaloro has been producing hand made aluminum and carbon frames in Italy for 25 years, like this aluminum track bike.

Squid Bikes – Sacramento California

NAHBS 2019

Sacramento locals Squid Bikes have build a reputation on wild, rattle can custom paint schemes. This fixed gear cross bike sticks with that theme, matching its paint to the spray painted booth wall behind it. With a bike on display at NAHBS, tracklocross is a thing, now. Because riding fixed gear and racing cycloross weren’t both hard enough on their own..

Squid Bikes x Abby Tools

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