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3 neck gaiters to keep you warm on spring rides

Use these stretchy fabric tubes to shield your head, neck and face from the wind

Neck gaiters (sometimes referred to as Buffs) had a bit of a news moment in 2020. Though initial studies warned that the multifunctional face coverings were ineffective when used as a mask, follow up research found that a double-folded neck gaiter is comparable to procedure masks, blocking around 60 per cent of respiratory aerosols.

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Beyond their use as a mask, these stretchy fabric tubes can be worn in a number of ways and are perfect for keeping your neck and head warm during those early spring rides.

Many cyclists wear neck gaiters balaclava-style, pulling them up over their heads as a hat and covering their noses—leaving just the eyes exposed. They also work well as a neck warmer that can be easily pulled up over the face if you hit a particularly windy segment.

Tip: If you plan on wearing a neck gaiter over your face during your ride pull it up over your nose before you clip your helmet straps. It will stay up more easily if it’s pulled directly against your face.

Giordana Gaiter Mask with Internal Face Mask—$39

Get the best of both worlds with this Girodana neck gaiter/mask combo, which works great for warmth and cafe stops.

Available soon, the stretchy Giordana Gaiter Mask with Internal Face Mask is constructed out of Girodana‘s lightweight and breathable 4-way stretch fabric. Treated with Viro Block (which inhibit viruses and kill bacteria) and water-repellent, the mask/neck gaiter is washable in warm water and comes with a removable filter.

Pearl Izumi Merino Wool Neck Gaiter—$50

This neck gaiter from Pearl Izumi is made of merino wool plated polyester. It’s thin soft and breathable, but stays warm and dry because of the merino wool. The gaiter is also environmentally friendly— its polyester technical fibres are made from recycled plastic water bottles.

Buff Original Multifunctional Headwear—$25

Buff is known primarily for its neck gaiters. The brand makes the stretchy tubes in all sorts of colours, fabrics and designs. Buff’s original multifunctional neck gaiter is made of stretchy recycled fabric that wicks moisture and stays tightly around your neck or face.