Electronics company Pioneer has revamped its line-up announcing new power-meter models, a new navigation cycling computer and an app and a partnership with Wahoo Fitness. These new developments bring Pioneer’s line-up in line with the demands of modern cyclists who want advanced training metrics, easy set-up and support for their devices, and the ability to navigate new or unfamiliar training roads.

Pioneer’s power meters measures force direction 12 times per crank rotation (every 30 degrees) on each leg. All these measurements allow Pioneer users to get a lot of information on their pedal stroke. The partnership with Wahoo Fitness means that a lot of the data from a Pioneer power meter only available live when it was paired with a Pioneer head unit will now be available on Wahoo Elemnt and Elemnt Bolt head units.

The Pioneer SGX-CA600 GPS head unit

Pioneer has also unveiled a new head unit. The SGX-CA600 GPS is a navigation-enabled cycling computer that provides in-depth training metrics when paired with a power meter, heart rate monitor and other devices.

It also allows users to download routes from route building services like Strava Routes and Ride with GPS. The device will give a rider turn-by-turn instructions once a route is activated and for users to view a highlighted map of their route. Strava Live Segments can also be enabled to chase better times on segments on a KOM/QOM.

The head unit can be paired with Bluetooth and ANT+ compatible sensors and also connects to Wi-Fi. The unit can give Shimano Di2 and SRAM Red eTap users drivetrain and battery status information to monitor the bike.

The device is set up the automatically detect the sensors on the bike it’s mounted to in other to automatically select the bike being ridden. A nifty feature if you have multiple bikes with different sensors and power meters. The computer is controlled using six buttons instead of a touch screen like on previous models so it’s not triggered in the rain. On low energy mode, Pioneer says the SGX-CA600 GPS has a 12 hours battery life. The unit will retail for CAN$400.

Dual and single leg power meters

With Shimano’s new groupsets now widely available, Pioneer has unveiled new single and dual leg power meters for Shimano Dura-Ace R9100 and Ultegra R8000 groupsets. The power meters offer ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity. The power meter measures force at 30-degree intervals, 24 times per rotation to help riders improve their pedalling balance and minimize power loss.

The full offering of metrics can be then viewed live on Wahoo and Pioneer head units, the power meter can be paired with smart trainers and virtual riding programs like Zwift. To make the power meter more compatible with more frames the left chassis has been redesigned.

“For 2018 we’re excited to enhance set-up, control and maintenance of our power meters by integrating Bluetooth connectivity and launching the companion Pioneer Cyclo-Sphere Control application for iOS and Android devices,” said executive vice president of marketing and corporate communications for Pioneer Russ Johnston.

The SBT91 and SBT80 series dual-leg power meters will retail for CAN$1,700 and $1,350 respectively and be available Fall 2018. The single-sided SBT-LT91 and SBT-LT80 power meters will retail for CAN$900 and $800. There will also be a variety of power meter kits available from authorized retailers to install on compatible cranks.

The Cyclo-Sphere Control app

Finally, along with the new power meters and cycling computer, Pioneer is unveiling a new Cyclo-Sphere Control app to simplify the installation and setup process for the power meters and cycling computer. It will be available on iPhones and Android devices.

“Now calibrating your magnets, updating firmware, and more, is easy to access and maintain via an app on your smartphone. Plus, we added the Live Pedaling feature in the app so watching your force vectors or pedalling balance on your phone or even a large tablet is a breeze,” said Johnston.

Through the app, routes can also be uploaded to the new SGX-CA600 GPS head unit. The app can be used to control and manage pairing devices, switching modes, magnet calibration on the power meters, zeroing, and firmware updates.

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