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The Reggie Double Cross kit review

A fun kit from the Peterborough, Ont., designer that will help keep the party going during cross season and beyond.

Cyclocross has always been a bit out there. Originally just a bunch of French soldiers trying to get from point A to point B across the fields of northern France with no regard to rules or obstacles that might be in their way. The new Reggie Double Cross kit feels like it taps into this same spirit that Daniel Gousseau, the man credited with inventing the sport, envisioned back in 1902.

The beauty of cyclocross is that it brings the entire cycling community together. Riders from all disciplines come together to compete, laugh and have a brew at the end of the season. The colours of the Reggie Double Cross kit seem to be inspired by this vibrancy and the desire to have fun together above anything else. Plus in the sea of muted tones, it’s great to put on a kit that stands out from the crowd. The vibrant crosses and the alternating tone on tone camo on the sleeves is definitely not going to let you sneak up on anybody. One other little touch I enjoyed was the small rivet on the back of the jersey.  It’s an homage to back in the days of Coppi and Bartali when leather saddles were held together with rivets and when you were riding all out your position would move forward, putting you on top of those rivets.

The Reggie kit comes in two sizing options, Fast and Faster. The main difference is really found in the chest and shoulders so if you are a little broader in these areas this could be the cut for you. The Faster is definitely a race cut but is still extremely comfortable especially when you’re in the riding position. So maybe save that one for a race like provincials where you’ll need every watt to avoid getting pulled.

Beyond that, the Reggie kit has a couple features I really enjoyed.  The large elastic cuff on the arm both keeps the jersey in place and prevents any pressure points or irritation on longer rides. It’s a feature you see in most premium kits and I was glad to have it here. I also enjoyed the collar height. It seems an odd thing to point out but as anyone who’s done a lot of riding will tell you a zipper that reaches up too high can cause quite a bit of discomfort. This was almost at a Goldilocks height. Not super aggressive like a crit skinsuit but low enough I could keep it done up without irritation.

It’s encouraging to know that there are still designers out there embracing the fun of cycling. We all remember that feeling of when started to ride bikes with our friends. In some ways, cyclocross brings us back to those days, and with the fun asymmetric colours and patterns on the Reggie Double Cross kit we can embrace those roots even more.