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Scott announces new Cadence Plus helmet: Aero, lightweight and comfortable with enhanced visibility

The sleek new lid comes with plugs for vents as well as an optionl rear light

Photo by: SCOTT photo by Daniel Geiger

On Friday, Scott announced the all-new Cadence Plus Helmet. After wind tunnel testing, the bike company said that not only did the performance objectives, but fared better than expected. The data said there was 5.2 per cent reduction in drag coefficient, a 22 per cent decrease in drag in 15-degree crosswinds and a 10 per cent reduction in volume.

Sleek design and comfortable

Scott says the design objective for the Cadence Plus Helmet was to optimize size, speed, and versatility while making sure the helmet looked cool. There’s a magnetic buckle for easy and secure fastening. Comfort and weight reduction were also design goals. The new helmet also comes with MIPS Air Node system, which enhances comfort and reduces rotational motion during certain angled impacts.

Plugging up vents for colder days

For cold days, and improved aerodynamics there are optional front vent plugs. The plugs are 3D-printed products and Scott claims they provide a 2-watt saving, which translates to a time saving of 16 seconds over 40 km.

Enhanced visibility

There’s also a clip-in rear light for days when it’s darker out.

You’ll see the helmet on the head of some pros this year. Team dsm-firmenich PostNL’s Charlotte Kool says that, “During intense training and races it stays well-ventilated, allowing me to really focus on my performance ahead. The modern, sleek design and the compact size are also elements of this helmet that I really like.”

To learn more, head over to scott-sports.com