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Shimano launches new carbon gravel wheels

Lightweight and nimble rims ensure better control on mixed terrain

Photo by: Kevin Fickling

On Tuesday, Shimano announced their new GRX carbon tubeless gravel wheels. Although up to now they’ve had aluminum rims for their gravel gruppo, now, just like their road line, the Japanese company is going all-carbon just like their road lines.

The lightweight GRX carbon wheelset comes in at just 1,461 grams and features a shallow 32-millimeter rim height. The shorter rims are to create faster acceleration and climbing, whether you’re on steady mountain climbs or rolling terrain. Additionally, the shallower rim depth will ensure better control in heavy cross winds, a scenario so common on long rides.

The wheels also feature Shimano’s cup-and-cone ball bearing hubs, to create a lively feel on all riding surfaces.

The GRX carbon rim width is a fully modern 30 mm external and 25 mm internal, making these wheels suitable for tires from 32-millimeters wide all the way up to 50 mm.


  • Lightweight carbon gravel wheels for riding and racing
  • Designed for 32-50 mm tire widths
  • 25mm internal and 30 mm external rim widths
  • Rim Height: 32 mm
  • Cup-and-cone ball bearing hubs
  • 24 spoke count
  • Weight: front wheel 639 g, rear wheel 822 g, total weight of 1,461 grams

Shimano GRX Carbon Wheelset, $1,870