Fisher-Price have developed a toy bike that works as a tablet holder so kids can pedal, play and learn all at once. The Think and Learn Smart Cycle is essentially an exercise bike that allows preschoolers to play educational games while pedalling. It comes with a tablet holder or can be paired to a TV via Bluetooth. Using a companion app available in the App Store or Google Play, kids can work on the alphabet, math skills and more.

“Inspired by the insight that preschoolers learn best and retain more when they’re active and having a good time, we’ve reimagined the Think and Learn Smart Cycle for a new generation of children,” said vice president of marketing for Fisher-Price, Nitya Madhavan according to Digital Trends. “We hope today’s families will be excited for this platform that channels preschoolers’ energy and their fascination with technology to make learning fun!”

Another function of the toy is to help children use all their energy and combat childhood obesity. The toy was designed for three to six year old’s and ther size of the bike can be adjusted with additional parts.

In internal surveying, Fisher-Price say that parents of preschoolers report that 21 per cent of their children’s playtime is with electronic devices and that children spent approximately 19 hours a week watching television or video content. The Think and Learn Smart Cycle has been designed by the toy company to help children use their energy while at the same time offering educational interaction with electronic devices at the same time.


The Think and Learn Smart Cycle will be available with four apps when it goes on sale in the fall of 2017. The app content will be synchronized to the pace of the pedaling so the preschooler will be in charge of the pace of learning. The education element will focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) exposure.

The suggested retail cost will be US$150 with the apps listed at US$5.


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