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The new DT Swiss Mon Chasseral wheelset is lighter than ever

At just 1,266 g these wheels are perfect for climbing

The DT Swiss Mon Chasseral wheels have been around since 2007. Named after the mountain located at the foot of the DT Swiss headquarters in Biel-Bienne, Switzerland, the wheelset is designed for climbing. Each iteration of the wheels have improved on the design, and the latest PRC 1100 Dicut Mon Chasserals are no exception.


Hand-made in Europe, the carbon clincher disc wheelset focuses on weight, coming in at just 1,266 g. The 24 mm-deep carbon rims have an ‘out of mold’ finish, meaning the carbon has no extra finish applied to it. The lack of finish displays the carbon layering technology used by DT Swiss and, according to the company, reduces the rim weight. The stiff rims are tubeless-ready and are 18mm wide internally. DT Swiss recommends running them with 25 mm tires.

Hubs and spokes

The Mon Chasserals feature the latest 34 tooth ratchet EXP hub system from DT Swiss. The Dicut 180 freehubs are lightweight and known for durability. The hubs can be disassembled without tools, which is great for maintenance.

Even though aerodynamics are not the focus of these wheels, the spokes are manufactured with a flattened ‘t-head’ design, which helps with aero gains. The ‘t-head’ design also means that the spokes won’t rotate at the hub end, which is useful for truing. DT Swiss is known for its spokes, which are designed and produced in Switzerland. The Mon Chasserals are laced with 24 spokes in both the front and rear, a mixture of Aerolite and Aero Comp spokes.

This high-end, wheelset will cost $5,229.99 CAD. The current global pandemic may be a factor in release date, but right now the company says these wheels will be available to the Canadian market next fall.