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These socks are made out of recycled ocean waste

Rockay socks are the environmentally conscious choice for athletes

Although cycling itself is environmentally friendly, often the materials used in the cycling gear we buy are not great for the planet. In cycling, as in life, it’s important to keep an eye out for items that are created and produced sustainably. Rockay does just this, making socks that are more advanced than some of their less eco-friendly competitors.

Rockay socks are created from 100 per cent recycled materials. The socks start as ocean waste items, such as dredged material, industrial waste and fishing nets, which the company collects. The waste is brought to Econyl, a plant that converts it into usable high-tech sportswear nylon yarn, which is then used to sew Rockay socks.

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The ecological benefit of the socks is doubled by their odor-free feature. Rockay socks have Polygiene coating, which covers the sock in a low concentration of silver chloride. The silver has antimicrobial properties, meaning the socks aren’t washed as frequently, and laundry loads use less water.

The socks are surprisingly soft for something that came from recycled plastic. They hug your feet with a good amount of compression support, particularly around the arch. Although they’re comfortably tight, the socks breathe well. The technical mesh won’t trap the heat on those warm rides where every part of your body is sweating.

The small logo at the back of the socks is reflective, a useful feature for evening or morning rides, when visibility is low. Rockay socks come in a variety of colours, but the high-vis yellow “Neon/Orange ” would be great for cyclists who want to be more visible.