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The latest Bontrager WaveCel helmets are more affordable and available in kids versions

Trek's patented crumpling technology helps diffuse impact

Last year Trek released its WaveCel technology, a new helmet design that changes the way a helmet protects during a crash. Created by a team of doctors, researchers, and engineers, WaveCel is a collapsible structure that lines the inside of the helmet and absorbs impact in case of an accident.

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Unlike a standard foam helmet, designed to protect against direct impacts, WaveCel accounts for how most cycling accidents actually happen—ungracefully, with twists, turns, and angled impacts. It works like a crumple zone that helps absorb the force of impact before it reaches your head. The cells flex, then crumple like a car bumper while redirecting the energy of the impact away from your head.

New children’s model

The latest Bontrager release includes the first children specificWaveCel helmet, the Jet WaveCel. Trek used the WaveCel technology to create a safe helmet for biking, scootering, skateboarding or skating. The $134.99 helmet comes with an easy-to-close magnetic buckle and includes a sticker pack so kids can personalize it.

Affordable safety

Last year’s generation of WaveCel helmets was on the pricier end, coming in at $390 CAD for the XXX WaveCel road helmet and $390 CAD for the Blaze mtb helmet. Trek’s latest WaveCel helmets have a significantly lower price point.

The road specific Starvos Wavecel, priced at $134.99 CAD, comes in black white and high vis yellow. Coming in at 300g for the small, the helmets go up to size XL, so they may be a good option for people who struggle to find a larger helmet.

Trek’s latest mtb style helmet, the Rally WaveCel, costs $199.99 CAD. It includes an extended, back-of-helmet shell, that offers additional rear protection. Like all the Wavecel helmets, it received a five star rating from Virginia Tech’s third-party testing facility.