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Why it’s worth riding with a Silca Impero Frame Pump

An attractive aesthetic and confidence you can pump your tires to a rideable PSI are just some of the reasons that make riding with a frame pump worthwhile


On a recent trip, I rode an extensive network of gravel roads. On my frame, I had the Silca Impero Frame pump and in my pocket one extra tube in addition to the one I always carry in my saddle bag. Fortunately, I didn’t flat but throughout the day I had the peace of mind that if anything did happen, getting my tire back up to pressure would never be an issue.

Upon landing at my travel destination at the beginning of the trip, I re-inflated my tires with the frame pump. Something that wasn’t as easy on past trips wasn’t a worry at all this time around. With a big chamber, I could nail the pressure on my 28 mm tires in no time and with little extra effort. Even on days in the mountains, I attached the 267 g pump to my frame. The extra weight of little worry to an amateur like myself.


While you may not think a frame pump is for you and your bike, having used one for a couple of weeks now there are very few rides I really don’t feel bringing it on is warranted. Mainly fast group rides and ones that don’t venture too far from my house. Maybe I’d think twice about it on a big day in the mountains but whenever adventure is calling or I’m cruising around on my favourite roads, I want to have the Silca Impero with me. That way if I or one of my riding mates do flat, we can get back on the road faster and with tires pumped to the right pressure.

The Silca Impero is aesthetically pleasing to my eye sitting close to the top tube on my frame and not disrupting the lines when I step back to admire my bike. Its function is smooth and sound. The medium pump fits snug on my 54 frame never coming loose despite hitting nasty potholes and rough gravel without the need of a strap. While I experienced a little bit of rattling on rough roads between the top of the pump and the wide titanium tubes that make up my frame, a piece of electrical tape was able to fix that problem.


If you still aren’t convinced about riding a frame pump, here are three additional reasons to ride with one:

1) You can actually inflate tires to a ridable PSI after a flat

Unlike CO2 cartridges or mini-pumps, you can have confidence in the fact your tires are firm and ready for the rest of your ride even if you are 60 km from home.

2) It adds a classic look to your ride

Frame pumps add a certain aesthetic that will compliment your bike. The Silca¬†pump really goes well with a wide range of frames and while it doesn’t increase the bike’s aerodynamics and ads a bit of weight, it’s not an eye sore.

3) You’ll be popular on group rides when someone else flats

When your friends flat on rides, they will have the confidence that because of your frame pump they’ll be able to get on the road faster and with the right PSI in their tire. That makes you a very valuable friend to ride with.