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5 reasons why it might be a good idea not to ride outside today, especially in Ontario and Quebec

Winter cycling is awesome but it’s brutal out there

Photo by: Toronto Cycle Chic

Oh boy, that snow is not going anywhere. For those who live in Ontario and Quebec, you’ve seen a yuge snowfall. The drifts are everywhere, main roads are slippery, and the side ones are precarious at best.

Crews are working as fast as they can, but there’s a LOT of snow.

Canadian Cycling Magazine loves to encourage riders to cycle outside as much as possible, and is a firm believer in all-year biking. But maybe, just maybe, you deserve a rest day today? Unless it’s absolutely necessary. Or just turn on Zwift and don’t look out the window.

1.The bike paths seem to be the last things on the city’s mind today.

2. Seems like sidewalks aren’t up on the list either. You can’t even walk in most cities, that’s how bad the snow is.

3. It is possible to ride, but not on the bike lanes. But that means you’re going to have to deal with sketchy drivers.

4. There are some real winners out there who are dumping their snow from the condos onto the bike lanes. Which isn’t just a problem today, but for days to come. That snow ain’t gonna plow itself.

5. Cities are working at clearing the snow, but it’s taking some time.

Then again, to the brave few who manage to get out there, we salute you.