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A legend of a human stopped NYC drivers from sneaking into the bike lane

Motorists tried to use the cycle track to get ahead of traffic

New York city motorist in a bike lane Photo by: Jehiah @jehiah

In 2022, barriers were installed in Hell’s Kitchen in New York City between bike lanes and roads to protect cyclists. This way, drivers wouldn’t be able to drive into the protected area, at at the same time, send a clear message that it’s for bikes, and bikes alone.

Hell’s Kitchen has some of the highest number of cyclist injuries in the city. That prompted the city to install “Jersey” barriers between many of the bike lanes and roads.

Jersey barriers are made of either concrete or plastic to create an impassable area for motorists.  These barriers derive their name from the U.S. state of New Jersey, where they were initially employed to separate lanes on highways during the 1950s.


On 11th Avenue, you’ll find them in plenty of spots–but not all. Meaning, in theory, a car could veer over and use the bike lane. But, I mean, no reasonable motorist would ever drive in a bike lane, right? Because it’s for bikes. Not cars. Right?



On Friday, Jehiah posted on X, or Twitter, or whatever, images and videos of drivers using the bike lanes that weren’t fully separated to get ahead of the traffic on 11th Avenue.

But then, out of nowhere, a hero emerges. A woman decides enough is enough and stops motorists from using the bike lane. Here’s a video of the first time. (Also, smdh, the first driver has a bike on their rack.)

But she didn’t stop there.

Another driver tried to, but even their honks wouldn’t stop this champion of bikes.