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A viral video of a driver assaulting a cyclist is receiving disturbing reactions

The vitriol from the anti-cycling community is brutal

A video with an irate driver attacking a cyclist in Paris is making its rounds on the Internet and it’s disturbing to see some people’s reactions. In the video the cyclist slaps the car, saying something about how the driver should have waited.

The motorist then jumps out of the car, knocks over the cyclist then pushes him into the Seine. At first, many people thought it was just another terrible example of what cyclists have to deal with, but some pointed out the video was staged. The man in the video is Ragnar Le Breton, a French comedian, and is known for making such content. Once you realize that the multiple camera angles are perfect, it’s clear it’s fake.

But the weird part is how people thought that the behaviour was acceptable.

“It’s a how-to video on the correct way of dealing with entitled cyclists,” Johnny Abel commented.

“He really shouldn’t have done that,” Ross McCulloch replied.

Kevin Kennedy sure liked the video. “I don’t particularly care if it’s fake or real. I’m just happy to see a cyclist being dealt with so comprehensively.”