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A Toronto driver drove in a separated bike lane, narrowly missing a runner

Onlookers were stupified at the motorist’s actions

A car in a Toronto Bike Lane Photo by: ReallyNotPaul

On Thursday, someone noticed a driver driving in a totally separated lane in Toronto’s East end. The Bayview cycle track is popular for riders and runners as it offers a safe spot to work out. Since there are barriers or flexposts the entire way, it means you can cycle or jog safely from cars.

Except when motorists drive in them. ReallyNotPaul posted a video of a driver who was creeping along in the two-lane track. The driver looked at the camera, seemingly unfazed by the ridiculousness of it all.

This guy absolutely skewers the rubbish arguments by anti-bike lane agitators

There’s various kinds of bike lanes, but the fully separated ones are the most preferred by cyclists. Paint helps, but it still doesn’t stop cars from parking or driving in them. When it is fully separated it means it’s very difficult for a motorist to drive in them. Also, it sends a clear signal that they shouldn’t be using the spaces for vulnerable road-users.

This is why many cycling advocates often say that “paint is not infrascture.” When there is actual separation between the roadway and cycle lane, it is much more optimal for both parties. If the only barrier is paint, it can create dangerous situations. Strangely, this isn’t the first time a motorist has used the dedicated bike lane. In June 2022,  a truck driver veered into the protected bike lane and hit a cyclist.

But that didn’t stop the motorist. The strange part, as the Tweet states, is that it’s not like the driver just took a wrong turn and ended up there. “This person would have had to bypass multiple signs and physical concrete blocks to join this cycle track,” ReallyNotPaul posted.

The person driving the car continues to drive in the space, and then has to pass a runner who is just ahead, despite there being no room for a car.

Watch the bizarre event below.