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Ancaster rider beaten up in 2012 to receive restitution

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A man who was convicted of beating up an Ancaster, Ont., triathlete in September of 2012 was handed a restitution order on Tuesday, March 11.

Michael Mizener, the 51-year-old president of M&L Testing Equipment Canada, was ordered to pay Olympic triathlon hopeful John Rasmussen $75,000 over the next 15 months. Mizener was also sentenced to 18 months of probation and will not be allowed to own a weapon for 10 years. He must also supply a DNA blood sample. He will not serve jail time.

Mizener was convicted in the fall of assault causing bodily harm, a conviction that carries a criminal record.

On Sept. 6, 2012, Rasmussen and a friend were on a training ride on Old Brock Road in Flamborough, Ont., when Mizener clipped one of them with the rearview mirror of his vehicle. The three pulled over into a parking lot where Mizener punched Rasmussen and continued to beat him until the other cyclist broke up the fight.

Rasmussen, who graduated from McMaster University in April 2013, says he still suffers in some ways from the beating.

“Mentally, I am able to cope with what has happened a little easier after the [court] decision,” the 21-year-old told the Hamilton Spectator, “but I still do suffer from some injuries. My wrist still has some ongoing issues and I have some difficulty with it sometimes around the house and training in the pool and on the bike. The facial injuries I sustained in the assault have affected some nerves too, and I have some loss of sensation in my lips and chin.”

The triathlete is currently in Tucson, Ariz., training with his coach Barry Shepley. Shepley coached Simon Whitfield to gold at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.