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Ariel Winter mistook Lance Armstrong for astronaut Neil Armstrong on ‘Stars On Mars’ Premiere

New reality show pits celebrities on mock Red Planet

Lance Armstrong on Stars On Mars Photo by: Fox

On the first episode of Stars On Mars, 25-year-old “Modern Family” actor Ariel Winter found herself among 12 celebrities, including 51-year-old Lance Armstrong. When Winter encountered Armstrong, she expressed surprise that a “real astronaut” was part of their group, causing fellow contestant Porsha Williams Guobadia, 41, to give her a confused look.

The new series follows the dozen contestants, a combination of actors, athletes, and singers, as they live in a “habitat” that is designed to resemble Mars. Each week, they will face various challenges that determine who stays on and who gets “extracted,” or sent home.

A motley crew of contests on “Stars on Mars”

“Stars On Mars” is hosted by Canadian William Shatner, from a little show called “Star Trek.” Among the contestants, including Armstrong, are former NFL running back Marshawn Lynch, Christopher Mintz-Plasse (McLovin in “Superbad”), UFC star and actress Ronda Rousey, Tom Schwartz from Vanderpump Rules, Tallulah Willis (daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore), Porsha Williams Guobadia (The Real Housewives of Atlanta), and former NFL cornerback Richard Sherman.

Armstrong, who had his seven Tours de France stripped from him after confessing to doping (like I need to even make that seem like news, but anyway), met Winter in the early part of the show.

Ariel Winter was excited to meet someone who’d been to outer space

“Lance Armstrong is a real fucking astronaut. Google him. He is so cool,” Winter said. The show described Armstrong as a “former pro cyclist,” not mentioning his ignominious exit from the sport. The Texan did add that this is not the first time that younger people have confused him with the astronaut.

Later in the episode, Winter realized what she had done.

“I just realized I made a huge mistake,” Winter said.

“Who did you think he was?” Williams Guobadia asked.

“Neil Armstrong,” Winter replied, which caused Williams Guobadia to break out in laughter.

Winter then went on to say that she worried she’d say something silly at some point in the series.

“That was part of my fear coming on this show, that I would say something stupid and I literally…I outdid myself,” she joked.

At one point in the show, Armstrong was riding the exercise bicycle with Lynch. As part of the competition, all contestants are supposed to keep in shape as physical fitness is important if you’re living on Mars, or something.

Lynch chirped Armstrong about bike racing, saying that it’s not a real sport and pretty easy compared to football. “How athletic is this?” Lynch said, dropping his arms on his side, which caused Rousey to laugh. Armstrong then reminded Lynch that the average football play lasts only four seconds.

Anywho, no ratings yet on Rotten Tomatoes, but having watched one episode, I guarantee there will be some fun reviews for this puppy.