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Bianchi Aria e-Road bike discreetly offers pedal assist power

Featuring a rear hub motor, disc brakes and a battery in the downtube on the carbon aero road bike

Bianchi Aria e-Road

Bianchi Aria e-Road
E-bikes are becoming more and more prevalent with amateur cyclists choosing to ride bikes with power assist to go further and be less fatigued by their riding. Bianchi is renowned for their high-performance road bikes and the latest aero road bike, the Aria, has now got an e-bike model. The Bianchi Aria e-Road uses the Inner Power Drive system with a rear hub motor to offer pedal assist to the rider. It’s a carbon bike with race personality, disc brakes and additional power when you choose you want it.

The Inner Power Drive includes the rear hub motor, 250W battery, iWOC One LCD control and wiring. The system is powered by Ebikemotion’s powerful X35 V.2 motor which assists the rider’s pedalling without being disruptive to the riders own pedalling. The system can be turned off and the bike ridden without pedal assist. The motor is designed to offer optimal power assist speeds between 15 and 25 km/h. The motor is capable of producing 40 Nm of torque at the rear hub.

The battery is nestled in the downtube and at only 40 mm wide, the 250W battery is discretely integrated into the frame. The weather-sealed charge port is neatly placed where the downtube and seattube come together. The plug goes into a regular wall charging port for convenience and ease of charging. The battery takes 3.5 to 4 hours to charge from empty.

The motor can be set to three settings with 30, 60 and 100 percent assist. With the Ebikemotion mobile app, riders can choose an automatic assist function that is linked to heart rate. Motor function, battery life, power control, GPS ride direction and more can be monitored with the app.

The bike is available in seven sizes and features an aggressive race geometry.