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Catharine Pendrel passes on funding to help up-and-comers

Two-time Canadian Olympian Catharine Pendrel has turned down some money, allowing the funds to be given to younger, less financially secure, amateur riders instead.

Pendrel—2008 and 2012 cross country Olympian, 2011 XC world champ and current Canadian cyclocross champion—has received funding through the Sport Canada Athlete Assistance Plan in the past. This year, she declined her share and requested that it be given to younger athletes who have not set secured sponsorship.

The AAP is a national funding program that offers financial support to athletes as they train and improve in their sport. Cycling and paracycling receive $684,000 and $270,000, respectively, to divvy up between athletes who Cycling Canada Cyclisme determines should be funded. This year, the CCC will support 55 able-bodied riders and 17 paracyclists through the AAP.

“This program not only enabled me to train better with less financial stress, but it gave me the confidence and sense of achievement that comes from having your country and sport recognize your potential and be willing to invest in that,” said Pendrel in a press release. “This funding enabled me to rise to a level where I could be noticed by a professional team, Luna, and eventually support myself without reliance on Sport Canada. The Sport Canada financial support that once enabled me to rise to the top at an international level now goes into developing the next generation of Canadian Cycling hopefuls.”

The program also allows deferred tuition and access to valuable Canadian Sport Institute services.

During the 2013 funding cycle Pendrel received $18,000 through the program.