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Cycling Canada announce new transgender athlete policy

Eligibility regulations effective July 17

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On Thursday, Cycling Canada released a statement on the updated UCI eligibility regulations.

The UCI implemented a ban on transgender women on July 14 who have undergone male puberty from participating in competitive events under the female category. Furthermore, the international cycling body renamed the men’s category as men/open. According to the UCI, international cycling body reviewed the latest science, which does not confirm that at least two years of gender-affirming hormone therapy with a target plasma testosterone concentration of 2.5 nmol/L is sufficient to completely eliminate the benefits of testosterone during puberty in men.

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The updated regulations will took effect as of July 17. Athletes who do not meet the criteria for the female category will have the opportunity to participate in men/open events. Female transgender athletes who have transitioned after (male) puberty will not be allowed from participating in women’s events on the UCI International Calendar.

According to Canada’s cycling federation, the new eligibility regulations for transgender athletes will be recognized at all UCI-sanctioned events in Canada. However, these regulations will only apply to UCI-designated race categories at those events, the statement reads.

That means for events and race categories not sanctioned by the UCI, including non-UCI categories at the Canadian Cycling Championships, athletes may participate in the gender category identified on their current applicable licence/membership for the full 2023 calendar year.

Cycling Canada also announced it will, “Work closely with its diversity, equity and inclusion committee, provincial/territorial sport organization partners and other key stakeholders to develop a framework for transgender inclusion and participation at nationally sanctioned events in non-UCI categories for the 2024 season.”