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Cycling in Canada: A friendly reminder for Toronto cyclists about what winter can suddenly bring

If you're a cyclist in Toronto, you might be feeling a little bit spoiled this winter. Still, there's reason not to get too comfortable.

If you’re a cyclist in Toronto, you might be feeling a little bit spoiled this winter. And with good reason: even apart from a startlingly mild, almost spring-like 15 degree Christmas Day, the weeks since November—a period during which the city usually sees at least one major dump—have been remarkably, unseasonably snow-free.

Maybe it’s El Nino; maybe it’s climate change. Perhaps, as some have been saying, it’s both. Whatever the case, though, it’s made for some serious cold-weather revelry for Toronto-area riders.

Still, there’s reason not to get too comfortable.

With the city’s first major winter snowstorm of imminent as of press time, it’s prudent for cyclists to remember that winter can change its indecisive, temperamental mind at any time, and the next thing you know, you’re looking at huge accumulation and all the maintenance fun that comes with it. Assuming you’ve committed a bit of elbow grease to the task of getting your steed ready for winter, though—and if you haven’t, we’ve got a few tips for roadies and commuters alike about how best to do that—the season offers its own fun, not to mention some serious bragging rights for those intrepid enough to face it on two wheels.

In today’s look at cycling’s many experiences across Canada, we go back to winter, 2014 through the eyes of YouTube user cjhoyle, back when the streets of Hogtown looked decidedly different than they do right now.

Count your blessings, Toronto riders, and be prepared—your daily ride could easily look like this again one morning.