Meet the women endurance racers you’ll be cheering for at the Milton World Cup

The cyclists talk positive Alberta vibes, slow hallway walkers and inspiring the next generation of Canadian cyclists

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The Milton Track World Cup will take place Jan 24-26. If you can’t watch the action live, Flobikes will be streaming the event live all weekend. Ahead of all the action, meet a few of the 19 Canadians who will be competing at the World Cup.

Erin Attwell. Photo credit: Brian Green Photography

Erin Attwell

Favourite track event?
My favourite event on the track right now is the Team Pursuit. It is the main focus of the national team program for the endurance teams, as it is a main determinant for funding (funding is determined based on Olympic performance). What I love about the event is the precision and the technical proficiency required along with physical capability. It pushes us to our physical limits while still demanding full focus and attention. It is one of the few races in track cycling where you have to work as a team; a part I love as cycling can sometimes feel quite isolating. We are all working towards a bigger goal- a team win. We have to fully trust that each one of us is giving 100 per cent to our training and showing up to race day fully prepared to give everything we have to the team.

Goals for 2020?
My goals for 2020 aren’t outcome focused, rather I will be focusing on continuing to build my base, an important factor moving forward as the UCI track world cup calendar changes for 2021. I’m hoping that I will be able to go to school in the fall, due to the schedule of the old world cup format and demands from the national team, school hasn’t been made very accessible as there have been conflicts in scheduling.

Best/worst thing about riding in front of a home crowd?
One of the best things about being able to ride in front of a home crowd is the energy. Not only are friends and family able to come out and see the racing but also having some of the public who wouldn’t otherwise know about track cycling out cheering for us will be super cool. The energy around the track when its packed is pretty special, the temperature rises as the excitement heightens, the roar from the crowds and energy just brings the whole track alive, hopefully making for a more exciting and thrilling race experience for racers and spectators! I really want to help inspire the next generation of Canadian cyclists, so if we can encourage youth to get out on the track, get fit and stay healthy, then that would be incredible.

Least favorite strength exercise?
As track cyclists we spend a lot of time in the gym. To go fast we need to be able to push big gears. Like training on the road, there are always intervals or in the case of the gym, exercises I dread. I try to make the sessions fun. I have lifts that I really look forward to, and some I just have to push through and get the work done. Power cleans are one of my favourite lifts, they incorporate technical skill with an explosive movement. It’s not simply picking up a heavy bar and placing it back down, it takes coordination, strength and power.

Biggest supporter?
My parents have always been my biggest supporters, although I have many people backing me and supporting my athletic endeavors. I have always viewed cycling for me as a bit of a tool. When I first got into it it was a tool to help overcome an eating disorder, cycling made me feel strong and confident and I used it as a way to help recover. Now I view it as a way for me to test the limits of my body and mind, I love that feeling of being able to reach new heights in athletic performance I didn’t think were possible. Sport is also enabling me to see the world and meet new people wherever I go. I have developed friendships that I hope will only continue to grow after my time in competitive sport is over. What my parents and everyone else have done in supporting me is given me the gift of being able to chase and to live out a dream, something I am so grateful to be able to do every single day.

Kinley Gibson at Canadian Road Nationals 2019

Kinley Gibson

Discipline: Team pursuit.

Goals for 2020?
Qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic team pursuit team.

What is the best thing about riding in front of a home crowd?
Definitely the fans! The Milton World Cup in particular always gets tons of supporters out, it’s terrific to see so many proud Canadians out supporting us and track cycling in general. It definitely makes for a very special event. It’s also really nice to race in a familiar setting. Most of the races we do are away from home, so getting to stay in your living and training comfort zone adds another element of confidence to race day.

What is the worst?
The worst? About racing in front of a home crowd, or in general? I don’t think there’s really anything I dislike about racing at home, it’s pretty awesome! But if we’re talking in general, people who walk really slowly in narrow hallways are the worst.

Gif that describes how you’re feeling going into Milton
I think this gif has the positive Alberta vibe I’m feeling.

Least favorite strength exercise?
Anything that isolates the hamstrings. I have very lazy hamstrings.

Biggest supporter?
My biggest supporters are my parents. They’ve given so much to help me be where I am, they’re honestly amazing. Even though I’m on the road a lot, they’re always just a phone call away and ready to offer love and support – it keeps me going despite the ups and downs of racing. I’m excited to have them here to watch the World Cup!

Devaney Collier prepares for the scratch, 2018

Devaney (Dev) Collier

Discipline: Women’s track endurance

What are your goals for 2020?
It’s kind of an uncertain time, the ending of Olympic cycles creates a lot of turbulence in government funded sport organizations. So I’m focusing on having fun and hopefully branching out my athletic skill set.

Who is your cycling role model?
I don’t have one in particular. I’m inspired by anyone who strives to use their athletic platform to create positive changes in the world beyond the realm of sport. Whether that be fighting climate change, women’s rights, or simply spreading empathy.

What’s the best/worst thing about riding in front of home crowd?
It’s a good chance to really see and feel the support from the Canadian cycling community. On the other hand it’s intimidating because the people you most care about are watching and you want to make them proud.

Gif that describes how you’re feeling going into Milton

What’s your least favourite off bike exercise?
I have an imbalance/ weakness in my right hip that I have to do physio exercises for and I find those require a lot of focus and are very tedious.

Who is your biggest supporter?
I am lucky to have many people to thank as my supporters. My parents, however, have always bent over backwards to be there for me whenever, however, and wherever they can. I would (literally) not be here without them.

Miriam Brouwer

Discipline: Track endurance – team pursuit and Madison

Goals for 2020?
Train towards Paris 2024 and all the steps in between. I hope to get a lot of racing experience and ranking points this year so I can compete in the omniums during the next world cup season.

Best/worst thing about riding in front of a home crowd?
I can’t wait to compete at home, I live close to Milton and have a ton of family nearby. I’m so excited to have family and friends in the crowd, that’s the best part.
The worst part is trying to say no to things leading up to race day, and just being at home with your feet up so that you have the best legs when it comes time to race. That’s a lot easier to do when you’re living in a hotel somewhere else in the world.

Gif that describes how you’re feeling going into Milton


Least favorite strength exercise?
I dread single leg strength work because it really hurts the legs the next day

Biggest supporter?
My husband Mark is my biggest supporter. He is my training motivation and will get up early and ride the trainer with me before work all winter long.

Allison Beveridge and Steph Roorda in the madison at the 2018 track World Cup Milton.

Steph Roorda

What is your favourite track discipline?
The Madison

What is the best thing about riding in front of a home crowd?
Watching the community engagement and education about what track cycling really is. I think lots of people haven’t seen this type of racing in person and it is always cool to see how impressed people are.

What is the worst?
Milton is primarily our training environment and when the World Cup happens here it can be challenging to switch from training camp mode to race mode. The being said, usually when the other teams start to arrive that transition happens.

What’s your least favourite strength exercise?

Who’s your biggest supporter?
My Family!