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GCN + to shut down in December

Shocking announcement reveals parent company to consolidate steaming services

Tom Pidcock wall ride at Volta Algarve

On Tuesday, GCN + announced in a statement that the cycling streamer will close as of Dec. 19. GCN +. Which covers MTB, road racing, ‘cross and track, as well as as a wide range of cycling-related documentaries.

“It’s with sadness that I have to announce that the GCN+ service and GCN App will close from 19 December. This follows Warner Bros. Discovery’s broader strategy to consolidate its streaming services to provide customers with all the sports they love in one place, alongside the widest range of entertainment content, seeking to provide extended value to subscribers and everyone in their household,” the statement. “Obviously, this is hugely disappointing as we are very proud of what we have built with GCN+, a single destination for all your cycling racing and documentaries.”

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According to the announcement, in Europe, GCN+ subscribers will have the option to subscribe to discovery+ or the Eurosport App continue to watch the live cycling content they access on GCN+. As far as what will happen in Canada or the U.S.A., it is not clear as of Tuesday. “In markets outside of Europe, we are working to ensure they continue to have access to live content and will be keeping customers fully informed,” the statement concluded.

Pro-rata refunds will be given to subscribers from Dec. 19 onwards.