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Gifts for a cyclist searching for their caffeine fix

Coffee and cycling are closely intertwined so here are some gift ideas if you know someone who is always looking for their caffeine fix

There is a strong connection between the culture of coffee drinking and cycling. Big budget teams travel with their own espresso machines to races and if you were to sneak onto a team bus before the start of a stage at a Grand Tour or major classic, chances are you’d catch most of the riders getting their caffeine fix before hopping on the bike. Recreational riders often make coffee shops the destinations of their rides and in the colder months there’s no better place to warm up. Here are some gifts for the coffee enthusiasts in your life who also loves cycling.

Castelli espresso cups set


Obviously it’s not fitting to drink your espresso out of just any vessel. With this classy set of espresso cups you can make sure to have your espresso in style before heading out the door. On the side of them is written, “you know you are getting an unfair advantage.” The cups are limited edition

Wild Hybrid Espresso Machine

Wild Hybrid Espresso Machine

If you know a bikepacker who will be out on the road but will want a caffeine fix every once and a while, the Hybrid Espresso Machine available at MEC for $129 may be just the thing they need this holiday season. Since cyclists are familiar with portable pumps, pumping up the Handpresso will come naturally. You then add a portafilter full of ground coffee and hot water. Seal up the unit, and then pull a shot.

Sako7 New York Hipster Kinyaga coffee beans


Sako7 may be better known for their stylish socks but why not caffeinated in the morning while you put them on. With the New York Hipster beans, you can even match your coffee with your kit.

Bontrager Classique Jersey

Bontrager classic jersey

If your going to stop at a coffee shop it’s essential you look stylish sitting there with your friends. With the Bontrager Classique Jersey you can be confident you will look and feel good. Made with merino wool in a classic style and trimmed with details, it is a nice look jersey. Don’t make the mistake though of assuming it’s not performance oriented because the wool is designed to keep you well ventilated and cool on warm days.

Bianchi Café espresso cup set


If you are a lover of Italian bike manufacturer Bianchi, these cups are just the thing to add to your collection. From the Bianchi Café in Milan, they are nicely detailed espresso cups and saucers which will serve you well especially if you can also make a nice espresso to go in them. These cups were exclusive to Europe until recently when they were made available in North America. You can find them at the 11 Inc.