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Guillaume Boivin last-minute addition to Israel-Premier Tech’s Tour de France squad

Guillaume Boivin from Israel-Premier Tech Photo by: Former national champion arrives just in time for team presentation

Canada’s Guillaume Boivin is in Denmark, after Israel – Premier Tech made a late change to its Tour de France line up. In a statement, the team posted that after Omer Goldstein was deemed a high risk close contact while travelling to Denmark, and with the current high risk of transmission of the virus, the team has opted to replace him with Boivin. This means that along with Michael Woods, Hugo Houle and Antoine Duchesne, there will be a record four Canadians at this year’s TdF.

“It pains me deeply to give up the Tour de France that I worked so hard for and expected to do well at. It’s devastating really. But I do understand the team’s decision to not take the risk and endanger the health of my teammates. I wish my teammates the best for the next three weeks,” Goldstein said.

Antoine Duchesne selected to race the Tour de France

Furthermore, South African Daryl Impey was also considered a close contact earlier in the week and has not yet joined the team’s bubble. That means he will not be present at Thursday’s team presentation and a decision will be made Friday morning as to whether he can join the team, if not,  a replacement will be named.

Manager and former pro cyclist Rik Verbrugghe tested positive en route  to Copenhagen and will return home before joining the race when he is cleared to do so.