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Guillaume Boivin still missing three bikes lost by Air Canada en route to the Tour

The Israel - Premier Tech hasn't seen his baggage since flying to Denmark

Guillaume Boivin from Israel-Premier Tech

We’ve all heard of the problems with cancelled flights and lost baggage, but this one takes the cake. Israel-Premier Tech’s Guillaume Boivin’s luggage has been M.I.A for over three weeks, since he flew from Montreal to Copenhagen as a last minute starter at the Tour de France.

Boivin raced the nationals in Edmonton but had to quickly get home and then to Denmark to start with his Israel – Premier Tech team for the first stage, a time trial.

Unfortunately, when the former national champion arrived, his bikes and luggage did not. Boivin would have to use a teammate’s TT bike for the opening stage.

Boivin even criticized Air Canada on Twitter, “they are really sucking these days!”

He still hasn’t received his baggage.

“I have nothing and they don’t know. It’s been almost a month and there are limits. It’s annoying not having your stuff. I wanted to give them a chance, but I find it pretty ordinary,” the cyclist said to the Journal de Montréal. “My patience has its limits. I’m going home after the Tour and it’s not settled. This is not a free service with volunteers. A plane ticket is not cheap. I would have expected better. This is my situation, but I find it deplorable for everyone who is experiencing the same problem this summer.”