Cycling broadcaster and former professional rider Paul Sherwen has passed away at 62-years-old. The Lancashire, England native was the voice of the Tour de France for many viewers commentating alongside Phil Ligget for decades most recently on NBC Sports. Sherwen lived in Kampala, Uganda. Sherwen passed away in his home in Kampala during the night from heart failure.

Before becoming a broadcaster, Sherwen was a professional cyclist racing the Tour de France on seven occasions between 1978 and 1985. He was British national champion twice during his career.

Sherwen and Ligget had a style of commentating that attracted a strong following from fans and riders. In 2017, the Wall Street Journal wrote about the pair, “Their place is undeniable. Liggett and Sherwen are an institution. For many, the mellifluous melody and harmony of Paul and Phil is the soundtrack of cycling.”

The 2018 Tour de France was the 33rd that Sherwen was a commentator for. He previously worked on ABC Sports, ESPN and SBS Australia.

Since the news of Sherwen’s passing, many in the cycling world have taken to social media to remember his contributions to the sport, his good character, and wish condolences to his friends and family.

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  • Ellis says:

    Very sad indeed. I will certainly miss his commentary of cycling. Prayers of God’s comfort for his family and friends.

  • DJ Canning says:

    No, no, no! What the fuck! I followed him on all his tours. My sympathies to all his family and friends. Truly upset.

  • Randy says:

    Loved listening to Paul during the TDF, his knowledge of local history was amazing.

  • Bernard Murray says:

    I used to train with Paul under the auspices of Harold ‘H’ Nelson and actually looked after him as a masseur on races such as the L’etoile des espoirs and the Scottish Milk Race. So very very sad to hear this news. God bless.

    Bernard Murray

  • Jean-Claude Barre says:

    Very sorry to hear of Paul’s passing. He and Phil were my wife and my “friends” over the many years of following the Tour. None could ever comment it better… differently, yes, but never better.

  • Sheila Griffin says:

    Condolences from those of us in the Motorola family who knew him and worked with him for 6 years when we had Team Motorola. He was a consummate professional, a wonderful press liaison and treated all Motorola employees and customers with respect. He was a great storyteller. Sheila Griffin, Motorola Strategic Marketing Officer (Retired) and Motorola Cycling Sponsorship Director.

  • Evan Posey says:

    Paul was an inspiration for us all and will undoubtedly be missed!

  • patricia dick says:

    Can’t believe this!! Oh it is tragic and we send our love to his family and friends. Rest in Peace.

  • Claire Followes says:

    I can’t imagine watching TDF without Paul. I use to quote him in my spin classes all the time. Very sad.

  • I have never heard a Tour de France broadcast without the team of Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen. They ARE the Tour de France to me. I will miss your sweet voice forever Paul. God bless you.

    Christine Slider

  • Peter Kogoy says:

    Paul was not a great cycling commentator, but was born into British rugby league royalty through his late uncle, Colin Hutton, and the Hull Kingston Rovers club. Paul will be sorely missed. To his wife Katherine, my sincerest condolences! Peter Kogoy, Sydney!

  • Sherry Richardson says:

    Oh my goodness. The TDF will never be the same again. My heart is so sad. Thank you, Paul, for making me a TDF fan.

  • Canadian fan says:

    Very sad to hear of your passing, Paul. I looked forward to you, Phil and Bob every July. You gave me my first introduction as a fan of cycling, and i came to love the way you explained the peleton business. I think i listened to the tour because of you three more than the actual pedalling in the race. You made it come alive to a non cyclist. Not sure i will be able to warch the 2019 tour, will hurt too much. I hope you will ride in heaven forever, and remember all of us who came to love you.

  • Robert clutson says:

    … He spoke & cycling was instantly more than a ride, & 16 years later he soke to my son, bless his family & friends during this time.. Rob & felix

  • Keith Flowers says:

    We have lived in Uganda for almost 40 years. I have known Paul for the last 20. Paul was a gentleman and an inspiration to us all.
    I last met Paul on the road up to his beloved National Park Kidepo last week. We simply met I gave way at a culvert, we waved and passed. I am absolutely shocked to have leaned of his demise yesterday. We are exactly the same age. Have the same date of birth.
    Paul lived a great life, he will be fondly remembered in East Africa.
    We wish him: Go well my friend, we known you are not too busy now. Enjoy the ride!
    Kind regards and best wishes, Keith Flowers.
    Kampala Uganda.

  • John says:

    So very sad. We will all miss you and your voice Paul. Ride off into the mountains and keep climbing.

  • Anthony bolter says:

    I followed pauls correre from his teenage years through to his pro years.i was allways afan .wìll miss him great man

  • Dan Cronin says:

    Paul you will be sorely missed – the Tour won’t be the same without you. You and Phil were simply the best team in all of sports – this is truly the saddest news.

  • Dennis O'Connor says:

    The Tour de France will never be the same without your knowledge of cycling and your sense of humor RIP Paul.

  • Mark Brooks says:

    So sorry to hear of the sudden passing of Paul. Along with Phil, you were the Tour De France at a time when I first got into the Channel 4 coverage. Thank you for time, your energy, your banter. I will miss you.

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