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Inspired by EF’s Palace collaboration cycling fan imagines a redesigned peloton

AG2R La Mondiale x OVO, Astana x Balanciaga, NTT x Patagonia and more

Photo by: Stijn Dossche (@StijnDossche)

The EF x Palace x Rapha collaboration has caused waves in the cycling world. Reactions ranged from comments of simply the vomiting emoji to cycling fans messaging everyone they knew with a Rapha CC membership in hopes of getting their hands on even a musette.

One cycling fan, Stijn Dossche (@StijnDossche) saw the collaboration and was inspired to imagine a peloton with a variety of other collaborations.

The creative designs range from hypebeast brands like Off White to classics like Versace.

Dossche says he’s not a designer by trade, but when he lost his job due to COVID he started designing jerseys as a project.

The designs even include an imagined collaboration between Canadian rapper Drake’s brand OVO and AG2R La Mondiale

Dossche has also posted some re-imagined jersey designs on Instagram.

Although EF Pro Cycling was fined for their Giro d’Italia kit, Jonathan Vaughters, the team manager, says that the ensuing media coverage more than made up for the $4,000 fine.

Dossche thinks that WorldTour teams collaborating with non-cycling clothing brands has many benefits. “It’s a win win for both parties in my opinion,” he says. “With Palace they reach a wider audience than just cycling fans. And as we know, the cycling world is sometimes stuck or is behind on modernizingβ€”look at the fines UCI gave EF, it got the whole world talking about cycling.”

“It’s a well executed marketing stunt. And the design of the jersey, bikes, cars… is something the cycling world needs, I think. I personally love it, but the fact that they push those boundaries is the most important factor.”