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Is this $19,666 F1 bike the real deal?

Mercedes-AMG has a ride for you

Photo by: F1 Authentics

Ever wanted to race F1, but can’t afford a $1 million car? Well, good news, as Mercedes-AMG has launched their Petronas Formula One Team V11 carbon fibre road bike. It’s designed by the same folks who created the W11 race car, and even has limited edition Pirelli tires. 

Photo by: F1 Authentics

The frame is said to use the latest in aerodynamic design, and you’d think the people at Mercedes would know a thing or two about going fast. 

Just think, instead of spending your Sunday mornings watching open-wheel cars blast around, you could be out showing off to your friends in the closest way you’ll ever get to actually racing F1.

The bike is available with three different specifications: the V11 SRAM Force, V11 SRAM AXS and V11 SRAM Red ETap.

And good news, there’s even a promo code! You can get yourself a free bike stand.  It’s unclear if the bike stand will have the Mercedes logo, however.

Photo by: F1 Authentics