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Lucinda Brand broke nose in crash in Zonhoven, but will still start at the national championships

The Baloise Trek Lions still intends on trying to take the red, white and blue jersey

Lucinda Brand endured a brutal crash during the Zonhoven UCI World Cup on Sunday, resulting in a broken nose as confirmed by recent X-rays. Despite the injury, she remains resolute about participating in the Dutch Championships in Hoogeveen this Sunday, according to an announcement from her team, Baloise Trek Lions.

The team revealed, “X-ray examination has shown that Lucinda’s nose is broken. However, she can breathe freely, and there is no medical risk to cycling. That is why she is determined to participate in the Dutch championship in Hoogeveen on Sunday.”

Brand, a favourite for the Dutch championship, will not wear a protective mask for her nose during the national championships, the team said to WielerFlits. She will also keep any sort of eyewear during the race due to discomfort. Puck Pieterse and Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado, her main rivals, will be competing in Hoogeveen, while Fem van Empel will not be participating.

The Zonhoven crash occurred while Brand was in a leading position. Falling face-first on a fast stretch, her nose bore the brunt of the impact, leading to her withdrawal from the race. She was seen holding her nose as she made her away from the race course, and blood was trickling down.