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New video has cyclists excited about the incredible new bike path in Saanich

Fresh cycling infrastructure in the Victoria Area looks stunning

Bike Lanes In Saanich Photo by: Brantastic5

A recent social media clip is shedding light on some brand spanking new cycling infrastructure in Saanich. Posted on the X account, the video features a cyclist navigating a bike lane alongside Gorge Road.

“New cycling infrastructure along Gorge Road in Saanich is seriously spectacular,” the post reads. “Probably second only to Dallas Road in terms of sheer beauty. Looking forward to this route being extended all the way to Government Street through Saanich and Victoria and hoping for a more seamless connection at Tillicum Road.”

Controversy erupts over Victoria bike lane design

Saanich is renowned for its bike paths and cycle tracks, including its innovative “curb plunking” technique. If you haven’t heard of curb plunking, it’s a clever method of placing concrete barriers on the sides of bike lanes.

“Saanich staff described the sound of the machine putting the cement down as curb plunking,” Councillor Colin Plant said. “To me, it’s just a funny-sounding word, but it’s also what’s happening as the machine plunks down the cement.”

Having barriers is crucial as it creates a segregated section of bikeways that prevents cars from getting too close.

“The goal is to encourage people to walk, stay healthy, and reduce their reliance on cars. That’s important because we all know that we need to do whatever we can to lower our carbon footprint. If we can choose to walk or bike instead of driving, then we all win,” Plant shared with Saanich News.