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Official trailer for Lance Armstrong biopic ‘The Program’ released, scheduled in theatres March 2016

This week, eOne Films, the production company behind "The Program," released the film's trailer for North American viewers.


Judging from the official trailer released for The Program, recently debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival and coming soon to theatres, the movie is equally a biopic of Lance Armstrong’s life and career and an account of his transgressions—matters of his history in the pro peloton that, to many observers, may be indistinguishable.

This week, eOne Films, the production company behind the film, released that trailer for North American viewers.

From first glance, it’s an exceptionally well-cast film. American actor Ben Foster, known for movies like The Punisher, X-Men, and Kill Your Darlings, plays Armstrong in the lead, capturing the disgraced rider with haunting accuracy. Others closely involved in the Armstrong drama are played by Chris O’Dowd, portraying journalist David Walsh, and billing that goes on to include Guillaume Canet, Lee Pace and Jesse Plemons.

A chronicle of Armstrong’s career, it starts with his early days, continues with a portrayal of his first Tour de France competitions, and, of course, wades into the deep, turbulent waters of his doping and subsequent cover-up attempts—events that, as observers of wildly varying cycling knowledge are aware, resulted in the anullment of those legendary Tour wins, as well as others.

Directed by English filmmaker Stephen Frears, known for movies like High Fidelity and The Queen, The Program is scheduled for a U.S.—and presumably Canadian—release date in March, 2016. Take a look: