Peter Sagan is once again the staring figure in a Specialized commercial.

An intense looking Sagan is seen training in his rainbow stripes looking positively intense. It’s a common trope of bike ads. The sounds and Sagan in the drops sprinting all scream intensity. But a dark figure on the road is catching up to the speeding Sagan. Sagan looks back ominously, the rider is getting closer despite his best efforts.

As the rider pulls aside the kitted out Sagan, Bicycle Race by Queen starts playing. The rider, on an e-bike is a Sagan double. Kitted out Sagan looks over in amazement as the rider pedals upright and returns a cheeky smile.

Sagan, now staring as the casual clad cyclist just wearing his world championship bib shorts with a hoody gets to having fun on the e-bike, wheelies and all. Bicycle Race continue blaring in the background as Sagan is seen descending seated over on the top tube.

“It’s you, only faster” appears on the screen as Sagan wheelies into the setting sun. The Specialized ad is for the Turbo Vado.

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