A confrontation between a cyclist and pickup truck driver turned violent on Tuesday when a 65-year-old man exited his vehicle and began to beat a 74-year-old cyclist with a club. A local business owner in Peterborough caught the horrifying road rage incident on video as first reported by Global News.

Police say the cyclist was travelling on Erskine Avenue around 11 a.m. when he got involved in an argument with the pickup-truck driver. An eyewitness said the two men were making a left-hand turn on the road when the argument began.

The pickup-truck driver then exited the vehicle. Video captured by the business owner shows the 74-year-old man on the ground being struck several times with what the police describe as a “small club” by the driver.

“He was coming at him and coming at him hard. As soon as I saw him with that raised bat in his hand, I was like, ‘Oh my God, oh my God,” a eyewitness described seeing the violent incident.

Witnesses intervened and the driver then left the area. In the video, the cyclist’s head is covered in blood.

The cyclist was attended to by paramedics at the scene before being transported to hospital. An hour later, police apprehended 65-year-old David Fox at his residence in connection to the beating. Fox has been charged with aggravated assault and assault with a weapon. According to the police, the two men did not know each other.

“According to the criminal code a charge of aggravated assault would apply when a person is either maimed, wounded, disfigured or when the assault would involve endangering the life of that person,” Peterborough Police spokesperson Lauren Gilchrist told Global News.

Fox has been released from custody. He is scheduled to appear in court on Aug. 24.



  • Kim Ransom says:

    Released…. are you kidding. Release to attack another cyclist perhaps. He is a dangerous individual not afraid to do serious hard to another. Jail him until his hearing.

  • severs1966 says:

    Just wait and watch institutionally anti-cycling legal process punish the driver far more leniently than if he had attacked any other 74-year-old.

  • Tim says:

    Why has Peterborough gotten so scary?
    Good thing my daughter doesn’t ride her bike there

  • Lisa W. says:

    I am glad that shop owner had the camera running and confronted this low life scum, it was the ONLY Reason he stopped.

    • Jim P says:

      But he said he tried to walk away. Didn’t you see him trying to get away as he wailed on that cyclist with a club.

    • Kevin says:

      that’s exactly it… and if no one was there to record it or witness it, he would have gotten away.

      In my experience I’m very wary of pickup trucks. They tend to be driven by aggressive drivers. I see them all the time tailgating cars intimidating the drivers to move over.

      When I was on Wolfe Island cycling 2 years ago, a pick-up truck ran me off the road (on an empty road). He actually stopped, turned around, and tried to do it again only inches away from when I was on the shoulder. He was driving so fast I couldn’t catch the license plate, all I heard was the roar of his engine as he accelerated towards me. My GF was so frightened. I drove around that evening looking for the truck to call the police.

  • These ridiculous incidents connected to driving need to have driver licenses attached. He should lose the right to drive permanently. He can get a bicycle and find out how miserable it is dealing with idiots like himself. If driving drunk with no ‘intention’ to do harm gets a suspension then an completely intentional effort to seriously injure should also involve suspension. It’s that simple.

  • john Holmes says:

    In Waterloo, drivers get a $1000 fine at worst for killing a cyclist. Look it up. One on University Ave and one out near St. Clements. They were 100% driver error. It feels awful to know that you are only worth a thousand bucks when you are out on your bike. In fact you are worth a lot less than your bike.

    • NC says:

      The fact that the driver got out of the truck and beat him with a club resulted in an aggravated assault charge which should be much more serious than any traffic-related charge that he would have faced had he hit him with his truck. I believe he’ll get a lot more than a $1,000.

  • Dk says:

    Wonder what the cyclist did to provoke this?

  • Randy says:

    The article mentions they were both trying to make a left-hand turn. I wonder if the argument started because the driver got angry at the cyclist for taking the lane (to turn left)? It should be mandatory/law that right of way is given to cyclists and pedestrians.

  • RobbyD says:

    Are you surprised that clown was driving a black truck?

  • Lifecycle says:

    It’s a shame too see what has happend, I decicided to get my first road bike recently, unfortunately where I live bike lanes were not built when the roads were made so long ago. So I just ride in the almost in the middle of the road when I’m cycling.

  • Chad says:

    It’s odd that nobody seems to notice or mention that the driver is also bleeding from his forehead. That didn’t happen whole he was on top of the cyclist so I expect there was a bit more to this story than arguement -> innocent cyclist beaten with club as is being reported.

  • Lifecycle says:


  • harvey weinstein says:

    jesus christ told me the guy in the pickup is a serial pedophile,do not let your kids near him…NAMBLA

  • Rob Osborne says:

    Clearly assault with a weapon is an ugly way to end an altercation, but what ultimately started it?

  • paulheckbert says:

    David Fox deserves to lose his driver’s license for a year, or go to prison for a while. And I wonder who else David Fox has beaten with his club.

  • OJ says:

    Having lived in Peterborough for many years, drivers frustrated with cyclists is definitely common. This isn’t a major road so there really isn’t a need for bike lines but because of this event, it would’t shock me if they do as a reactive measure. There are a ton of bikers in the city, some who obey the rules and some who don’t. Like many aspects of life, we focus intensely on the small percentage who don’t follow the rules/ act properly and extrapolate that judgement onto a larger population of people.

  • Jax says:

    Three sides to every story! Regardless to many feel they can be disrespectful and say or do what ever.

  • Miriamjw says:

    Hate to say it but there is an ugly and very lastly reason I edc a knife…I have seen way too many stories of psycho drivers.
    That club would be the last thing that badtsrd held had that been me lying there.

  • Kyle says:

    I imagine a man who just happens to have a club on him doesn’t require much “provocation”

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