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Please don’t dress as a cyclist for Hallowe’en, but if you insist, here are 6 costumes

Here is a reluctant guide for the big day

Photo by: Gas Station Food Cyclist

Hey, who doesn’t like a clever costume, right? Hallowe’en can bring out some pretty fine ideas when it comes to costumes, as well as the same old thing we see every year.

Sometimes costumes can come a little too close to home. If you spend your evenings or mornings in Lycra…why would you want to go to a Hallowe’en party and sit by the punch bowl in a tight kit? I mean, I would rather dress up as a Frankenstein, but that’s me.

Here’s some really stupid ideas if you must.

1. Zombie Cyclist

You a fan of The Walking Dead and The Tour de France? Marry your two loves and dress in kit, and get zombify yourself. Everyone will find it hilarious.

2. ‘90s pro cyclist

No helmet needed. But make sure you bring your spinacis, vintage Brikos and headband please. And no, please don’t bring a syringe as part of your costume.

3. Lance Armstrong

Dress up as the Texan, and make sure you wear a yellow jersey. Guaranteed people will have some strong opinions.

4. A super serious Masters cyclist

photo: Gas Station Food Cyclist

No one will understand this costume but you, but that’s part of the fun, right?

5. A triathlete

If you walk into the party with a Speedo, an aero helmet, some sunnies and cycling shoes, you’ll for sure be the most popular person at the party.

6. Bike courier

The good news is, you can ride to and from the party in this one. Joints are optional.

(dis)Honourable mention

The Omi Opi girl

If you go to a party where there is even one cycling fan, they will lol.