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Portuguese directeur sportif receives 25-year ban for doping

Nuno Ribeiro led the notorious W52-FC Porto team

Doping in sports and steroid abuse concept

Portuguese directeur sportif Nuno Ribeiro has been handed one of the longest doping suspensions in cycling history, according to a report by Cyclingnews. The former professional cyclist received a 25-year ban.

Ribeiro worked with the former Portuguese team, W52-FC Porto. He was banned for his involvement in “trafficking, possession, and distribution” of prohibited substances. According to Cyclingnews, these performance-enhancing drugs included hormones such as testosterone, corticoids, and steroids.

The 46-year-old won the 2009 Tour of Portugal but was later suspended for a positive sample of Continuous erythropoietin receptor activator (CERA). CERA was a third-generation erythropoiesis-stimulating agent (ESA) and the drug of choice for cheaters after the EPO era.

In October 2022, professional cyclists from the team received bans ranging from three to seven years, according to reports in Portugal. Joao Rodrigues, the winner of both the 2019 Tour of Portugal and the 2021 Volta ao Algarve, received a four-year ban from the UCI. The ban was based on anomalies in his biological passport, as well as “possession of a banned method,” according to Portuguese anti-doping authorities. The team folded that year.

Ribeiro is prohibited from participating in any cycling-related activities until December 15, 2047.