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Premier Tech in talks to co-sponsor Israel Start-Up Nation in 2022

Sylvan Adams confirms contact with the Canadian company

Guillaume Boivin from Israel-Premier Tech

According to a report from Velonews, Montrealer Sylvan Adams, owner of Israel Start-Up Nation, is in talks with Premier Tech as a co-sponsor. Premier Tech previously co-sponsored Astana, and recently announced they would not be sponsoring the Kazakh-based team in 2022.

Michael Woods will lead Israel Start-up Nation at the Tour de France

There has been a lot of speculation that Premier Tech would join ISN following the arrival of Danish rider Jakob Fuglsang and Canadian Hugo Houle, both leaving Astana for ISN. Houle is the fifth Canadian on the team, joining Michael Woods, Guillaume Boivin, James Piccoli and Alex Cataford.

Hugo Houle joins Israel Start-up Nation

Premier Tech is a Canadian company that focuses on creating sustainable solutions that help bring gardens to life, increase crop yields, improve the efficiency of manufacturing facilities, and treat and recycle water.